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Our Story

We have been working in Dubai as Certified Chess Center since 2011.  We specialize in providing professional chess classes for kids and adults, helping improve their levels and achieve their goals.

We take great pride in the progress and success of our students who became the World & Asian Junior Champions, Winners of many Local and International Tournaments, National Champions.

We look forward to helping your child. Get in touch to learn more.

We offer:
Online & Private Home Classes
Group class at our branches
Chess in Schools 

Get Smart! Play Chess!

Do you feel like your child interested in chess and you would like to introduce him this beautiful game. Our specialization will help him to like chess, guide and inspire your child to achieve more of his personal and professional goals.

Chess is Boring? No way!!! Chess is Fun! Chess is not boring, coaches can be boring only!:). We always try our best to run our chess classes in a fun way and help your child grow in chess. 

Get in touch today and start taking control of your child growth in chess with our coaching tools and techniques.

FREE TRIAL CHESS class Nov3 in Dubai Med

Why Us?

The program is prepared by the head of the Chess Academy- Chess Grand Master (the highest chess title). We have trained the World &  Asian Youth Champions.

Our team consists of Masters who know how to teach kids and achieve great results in chess.


Chess is Fun!

Autumn CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP for Kids & Adu
  • “Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make men happy.” –

Siegbert Tarrasch

National Day Rapid Chess Championship 6-

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